As the increasing demands for IP (intellectual property) professionals in the modern society, the Intellectual Property Training Center of Anhui Province was founded in USTC in May 2009. This top training base is devoted to providing required training programs for those who intend to pursue their career in the IP field in the future and for those IP workers who want to make themselves more qualified for their current occupation.
The practice of economic construction both at home and abroad has well proved that economic growth, knowledge innovation and technological advancement must be accompanied by the institution building in relevant fields. For the task of the institution building, establishing and improving the IP system in our country is one of the most urgent tasks and has aroused much attention from both the government and enterprises. Therefore, there is enormous room for those with IP knowledge to give full play to their competence. Welcome to attend our training courses and seek a bright future in the IP field.
USTC successfully held Anhui first International Seminar on PCT
From July 8 to 9, co-sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Office of P. R. China, the School of Public Affairs and Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Office hosted a patent cooperation treaty (PCT) advanced seminar in Hefei city of Anhui Pr...
Intellectual Property Workshop for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Anhui Province Held in USTC (10-09-08)
The Opening of USTC Graduate Summer School on Theory and Practice in the Frontiers of IPR (10-07-29)
USTC successfully held Anhui first International Seminar on PCT (10-07-13)
Trademarks and Brands Public Training Held in USTC (10-01-27)
An Expert Group from State Intellectual Property Office Visited USTC (09-08-22)
Dong Rong Endowed Tianchang City with an Honor Sign for Becoming the State Demonstration City for Promotion Intellectual Property Projection
On May 25, the Tianchang fourth commendation meeting for technological award and economic situation report was convened. AHIPO commissioner DongRong attended the conference and endowed Tianchang city with a honor sign for becoming the state demonstration city for promotion intellectual property proj
The Contest for IP Knowledge was Held in Anhui Province09-07-04
Two more pilot cities in national intellectual property work09-07-01
Dong Rong Endowed Tianchang City with an Honor Sign for Becoming the State Demonstration City for Promotion Intellectual Property Projection09-05-27
Suzhou Held the Subject Lectures Named "the Independent Innovation and the Intellectual Property"09-05-20
Anhui Province in April the Quantity of Patent Application Continued to Maintain the Fast Growth09-05-14
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